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26 December 2009, 12:30

Happy Rescuer Day!

President RB Murtaza Rakhimov congratulated all rescuers of Russian Emergencies Ministry Central Directorate in RB with the professional holiday - the Rescuer Day, celebrated on December 27:
Dear employees of Russian Emergencies Ministry Central Directorate in RB and the Emergencies Dept under Government RB!
Let me heartily congratulate you with the professional holiday – the Russian Rescuer Day!
This profession is considered one of the most difficult, dangerous and noblest in the world and it demands knowledge, bravery and experience. Even in peaceful times the rescuers are found in full alert, struggling for life, safety and health of our people.
Republic of Bashkortostan possesses rich experience on protection of population from fires and extraordinary situations and selfless labor and bravery of officers, soldiers and employees of your service stand behind execution of every operative task, often deadly dangerous.
Your knowledge, experience and hard discipline, readiness to self-sacrifice for the sake of people put solid screen before any state of emergency, man-caused catastrophes and the acts of God. Citizens of our Republic know that our rescuers will come and help them even in the most remote nooks of Bashkortostan.
Thousands saved lives are the main result of this complex work. Thus, 1792 human lives and substantial material values have been saved thanks to resolute actions of our firemen and rescuers just this year.
Representatives of Bashkortostan demonstrated excellent level of training and professionalism at the V world championship among firemen and rescuers, held in Ufa in 2009.
My special thanks to the veterans of civil defense and fire service. The many-thousand squadron of Bashkortostan’s Emergencies Dept continues brave traditions, laid by you, with honor.
I am sure that the collective of Bashkir rescuers will further devote all its strength and knowledge to the duty, demonstrating strength of mind, adherence to the oath and love for people.
I wish you strong health, well-being, happiness and every success at the service of our Fatherland!
President of Republic of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov” – said in the complimentary address of President RB.
Author:news-service of President RB
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