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25 November 2009, 16:42

Leo Anninsky: “The history of Bashkortostan in the staff of Russia and Russian-Bashkir relations are the light spot”

The General Director of the magazine “RODINA” Vitally Zubkevitch and the magazine’s observer, writer Leo Anninsky held a meeting with Bashkir historians in Ufa today. The meeting has taken place in the National Museum RB.
Vitally Zubkevitch reminded the participants of the conference, which staff included the students of BSU historical faculty too, of the main milestones of the magazine’s activity, established 130 years ago. The magazine had been closed in 1917 and its activity was resumed only in 1989 at a qualitatively new level. The magazine has become more historical and more fundamental. It is read in 50 countries of the world and subscribed by the leading scientific libraries, all embassies, working in Russia, ministries and departments. Since 1993 the Administration of Russian President is considered the main shareholder of the magazine and its patriotic education is key goal.
“At present time the magazine begins to pay more attention to the Eurasian subject-matter” – Vitally Zubkevitch said – “Moscow authorities start to look to the East more frequently than to the West. Our interaction with Bashkortostan is of special interest for us and by the results of this trip we intend to publish the special number of the magazine, devoted to your Republic.
The well-known scientists of Bashkortostan – the academician Niyaz Majitov, doctors of history Marat Zulkarnaev, Ilshat Bikkulov and others outlined several actual aspects of Bashkir history, which might be interesting for the readers: Ufa foundation and new information of archeologists on this occasion, the Bashkiria’s free-will joining Russia and the after-effects of this important historical event, the contractual character of Bashkir-Russian relations, Ufa fortress and its influence upon development of the towns in the region, activity of the Orenburg expedition on the territory RB and other aspects – all that can be found on the pages of the popular magazine.
“On the second thought the whole history of Russian state is full with tears and blood but the history of Bashkortostan in the staff of Russia and Bashkir-Russian relations look like a sort of light sport on the background of endless lawsuits and conflicts” – Leo Anninsky said – “We are one nation, consisting of many nations. It is clear civilization unifies the nations but in the human consciousness there is always the culture, which never obeys this law. Every nation has to preserve its own unique face and from this point of view we are moving through new comprehension of Russian history now. Our historical experience is the experience of the multiple-strand wire. Every nation has to remember its own past and we mustn’t touch the national languages and our magazine, being the historical and philosophical tribune by its essence, can become the forum for discussion of all these problems”.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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