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23 November 2009, 14:08

Muslims of Bashkortostan are preparing to celebrate Kurban-Bayram

Muslims of Bashkortostan are preparing themselves to celebrate the most important Islamic holiday – Kurban-Bayram, considered the time of joyful affirmation of the belief, liberation of souls from sinful intentions and finding of sincerity. It is traditionally celebrated on the tenth day of the 12th month in the Muslim calendar in the period of pilgrimages to Mecca.
The tradition of sacrifice is considered the key moment of Kurban-Bayram and this tradition is very ancient and connected with the history about the prophet Ibragim (Abraham in the Bible tradition), who was steady in the Muslim belief and in the struggle with pagans. In accordance with the God’s decree he had to sacrifice his own son but the Almighty didn’t want the child’s death and the lamb was offered for sacrifice instead.
In the Day of Kurban-Bayram festive prayers will be served in all mosques of Bashkortostan and the Chairman of the Central Clerical Muslim Dept, the Supreme Mufti of Russia Talgat Tadjuddin will serve the festive worship in the Cathedral Mosque LALA-TULPAN in Ufa.
Author:Eugene Rakhimkulov
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