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17 November 2009, 19:09

Byelorussian song festival will help to preserve national traditions

The festival of Byelorussian song, dated to the 10th anniversary of the treaty about establishment of the union state between Russia and Belarus, has taken place in the village IGLINO. The festival was organized by the Republican national-cultural Byelorussian center “SPADCHINA” with assistance of Iglinsky municipal administration and Ufa office of the Byelorussian Embassy in Russia.
“The ground for holding this festival was chosen by us not accidentally” – the chairman of the Republican national-cultural Byelorussian center “SPADCHINA” Igor Lyasovitch tells – “As a rule, many people begin forgetting about the existence of the union state Russia-Belarus and on the contrary we pin high hopes on its development. This state structure functions for already ten years, possessing its own parliament, its own budget and its own development program. The common customs zone between our countries will start working beginning from January 2010 and Kazakhstan will be also included in it”.
Introduction of this uniform economic space is especially important for consolidation of international ties and for the possibility for Byelorussians to preserve their culture in these regions.
“Culture can’t exist separately from politics and economics. We may talk about lingual problems and problems in education as much as we like, but if a good material platform is absent, we’ll be able to do nothing for development of all these directions. The history knows many examples how the whole nations with their languages and traditions went to non-existence because their economic formations were once destructed. That’s why we devote our festival to consolidation of the bonds between Russia and Belarus” – Igor Lyasovitch said.
Translated by:Eugene Rakhimkulov