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10 November 2009, 16:08

Murtaza Rakhimov: constitutional basics of the state should lie in the base of the leading parties’ programs

President RB Murtaza Rakhimov told how the discussion of the draft of a new program of the political party “United Russia” went on in the Republic in his interview to the news-agency “Interfax”. The text of the interview is given briefly below:
-M-r President, the project of a new “United Russia” program is under active discussion in Bashkiria now. What is your position on this question at present time because earlier you openly criticized some erroneous directions and methods of the party leadership’s work?
- The discussion is going on and it is quite correct because when people put their ideas in the program it becomes the document for all. I think when all adherents vote for this or that document of the party unanimously, the party will suffer the destiny of the SPSU - we all remember how this approach caused the crash of one of the biggest Soviet structures, so the discussion stimulates the development of the party. “United Russia” is still a young party, so its existing pre-election program hasn’t yet exhausted its creative potential, as I believe. On the basis of this program we’ve won the support of our pollers in 2007 and 2008. I think it is a real risk to pass the document, which would become too different from the previous one. The new program sets the good goal – to raise the quality and level of life of Russians and I am certain that this is the program of the state, aimed at the interests of all Russians. Since the goals of the program are wide-scaled, we observe the inflow of proposals and additions to it – in sphere of agrarian policy, youth policy, business undertakings, education, health protection and many other spheres. We see that some moments, principally important for the country, are missing and not all people are agree with some new additions to the program, supposing these additions are either debatable or unnecessary.
- What in your opinion should be added to the program?
- We are the leading party, so it means we are responsible for the destiny of the country and its population and we have no right either for the political adventurism or for the unreasoned social experiments. I think that in this program “United Russia” has to demonstrate its attitude to the Russian Constitution because this is the foundation of our policy, stability and unity of the state. We have to build up the structure of the program, coming from that and every its chapter has to describe in details how we are going to make the constitutional rights of Russians a reality. Now we see that some liberties are fixed in the program and some not – for example, how we are going to realize the federative principles of the state system and how we see our place in the global political process. Russia is a strong and dynamically developing state, having its own historical roots and traditions and at the same time quite modern, observing the key norms of the international law and able to compete with other countries on equal terms. I don’t like that there is no a single word about federalism in the program and this is the future of the country. We overcome the legacy of the former unitary state system and many its set-backs let know about themselves now. The country is interesting that it managed to preserve the unity of variety of its nations and for many people it is important. Living in a big country, preserving one’s culture, language and national traditions is a good heritage. One can’t live without his own nation and own land – this is the foundation of patriotism and the authority has to respect and guarantee the collective rights of representatives of all nations.
Local initiatives should be developed and supported too. If all taxes, easily collected, go to the federal center, nobody will want to work further. The inter-budget relations should be oriented to development of all towns and villages of the country.
- You say the program contains some debatable moments. What exactly you are not agreeing with?
When the project of the program just appeared in wide public, many adherents of the party came to me to discuss it. I understand that it is too early to refuse from our centrist positions. Just has a look at the staff of our voters: there are the right and the left wing. Why do we observe the crisis in the parties, standing on the flanks? Are we working for them, leaving this so strong position? Why are we going to reduce our own support base? I think this decision is far from ideal. I asked our specialists what did “Russian conservatism” mean and they failed to explain. How can we convince our voters that this idea is right? The program has to help us to consolidate the positions of the party and political success doesn’t arise from abstract discussions but from real practice and the program should orient us to everyday deeds more.
Translated by:news-agency "Bashinform"