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22 October 2009, 20:09

20 delegates from Bashkortostan to the conference on recommendation for the members of Russian Public Chamber are determined in the Republic

At the meeting of the representatives of interregional and regional public communities on recommendation for the conference of Volga federal district 20 delegates from Bashkortostan were determined. They have to propose their representative for six members of Russian Public Chamber from Volga federal district in November either in Nizhniy Novgorod or in Saransk – the place of the conference will be declared in some days.
These conferences have to complete the process of formation of the staff of Russian Public Chamber, which started on September 23, 2009, when 42 members of the new staff of the Public Chamber RF were approved by the decree of Russian President.
The representative of Bashkortostan – the chairman of the Trade-Union Federation RB Amirkhan Samirkhanov – was present in both staffs of the Chamber. Taking the floor before the participants of today’s meeting in Ufa he touched on the activity of the former staffs of Russian Public Chamber, which in his opinion mirrored the state of the civil society in the country and his estimation was ambiguous. From one side the civil society is absent in the country: even six members of Volga federal district have never met together at the Chamber’s meetings and nobody reported on his activity before the public organizations, which recommended him. From the other side the Public Chamber has managed to do much: it signed the agreements with the State Duma and with the EU. More than 100 federal bills have passed through the Chamber and six bills haven’t been signed by President of Russia after its conclusions. Other words, if the work is set properly, the Public Chamber will be the real voice of the nation, Amirkhan Samirkhanov summed up. At the same time he isn’t going to continue his activity in the Public Chamber anymore.
It should be noted the staff of Russian Public Chamber consists of 126 people. In accordance with the federal law N32-FZ “The Public Chamber of Russian Federation” from April 4, 2005, the President of Russia personally determines the candidatures of 42 Russian citizens after preliminary consultations with all-Russian public communities, Russian academies of sciences and non-commercial organizations. These 42 people must have “special merits before the state and the society”. In the course of 60 days the members of the Public Chamber, whose candidatures were approved by Russian President, have to make the decision concerning other 42 representatives of all-Russian public organizations – one representative from every community.
And at last the members of the Public Chamber, eliminated by Russian President, jointly with the delegates of Russian public communities, already affiliated by the Public Chamber, have in the course of 30 days to make the decision concerning affiliation of other 42 representatives of interregional and regional public communities, determined at the conferences in seven federal districts of the country – seven delegates from one district.
Russian Public Chamber is called to provide the concordance of publicly significant interests of Russian citizens, public communities, state authority and local self-government in order to solve the most important questions of economic and social development, national security, rights and liberties of Russian citizens, the constitutional system and democratic principles in development of civil society in Russian Federation.
Author:Nikolai Ermolenko
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