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22 September 2009, 12:22

Russian State Duma will restore commission on electoral legislation

The news-agency “INTERFAX” reports, the State Duma of Russian Federation intends to restore the parliamentary commission on electoral legislation in the nearest future in order to study the practice of Russian electoral legislation adaptation when preparing and holding various elections and referendums, as the chairman of State Duma Boris Gryzlov recently reported.
The proposals on restoration of the commission are worked up by the State Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction by the instructions of the speaker. It has happened after the representatives of the opposition fractions – LDPR and the Communist party – had voiced several disagreements on the eve of the elections on October 11 concerning organization and holding the election campaign in several Russian regions.
Boris Gryzlov supposes that such commission under the chairmanship of the “United Russia” member Nikolai Gonchar worked very efficiently in the last State Duma convocation, so it is expedient to offer the candidature of this deputy again now. The staff of the commission will consist of 10-11 deputies.
Author:Marina Shumilova
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