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10 September 2009, 17:36

Official delegation RB arrived in Chelyabinsk

The official delegation of Bashkortostan with President of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov at the head arrived in Chelyabinsk. The Governor of Chelyabinsk region Peter Sumin met the guests in the airport. The key goal of the visit is signing the protocol on realization of the Agreement about cooperation between Government RB and Chelyabinsk regional Government.
The staff of Bashkir delegation consists of the deputies Prime-Minister of Government RB – Minister of industry and external economic relations RB Uri Pustovgarov and Minister of culture and national politics RB Ildus Ilishev as well as Minister of nature management and ecology RB Idel Shayakhmetov, the head of Ufa administration Paul Kachkaev and other top officials. The protocol, which is to be signed today, includes not just the traditional directions, such as the expansion of mutual deliveries of machine-building and metallurgical production, interaction in building industry, construction and reconstruction of highways on the border territories, joint realization of the arrangements on rational usage and protection of water objects, sharing of experience in sphere of health protection, development of ethnic culture etc. Such new clauses as organization of agricultural fairs on the border territories and establishment of joint data centers with participation of Bashkir and Chelyabinsk mass-media will appear in the document too.
Translated by:Olga Gorunova