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29 June 2009, 13:24

The 20th volume of “Christian Encyclopedia” contains articles about Muslim thinkers

The 20th alphabetical volume of “Christian Encyclopedia” appeared in print, reports. The volume finishes publication of the materials, beginning with the letter “З”, started in the 19th volume, and starts publication of the materials, beginning with “И”. Along with the materials about prominent Christian philosophers the volume contains the articles, devoted to outstanding representatives of Arab Islamic culture: the famous philosopher of the XII century Ibn Rushdu, prominent theologian, philosopher and medic of the XII-XIII centuries Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and the thinker of the XII-XIII centuries Ibn Arabi.
As in the previous volumes one find here the information about Christian monasteries and churches, miracle-making icons and about Christian art. The articles about the Saints of the Christian Church traditionally hold the lion’s share of the materials. The articles, devoted to Saints, called “Jacob” prevail in the volume, in particular the materials about Jacob Alpheev, Jacob Zevedeev and the first Jerusalem Bishop Jacob.
Author:Bulat Ulbarisov
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