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8 June 2009, 10:36

Happy holiday of mercy and kindness!

President RB Murtaza Rakhimov congratulated social employees RB with their professional holiday, celebrated today. The text of his salutary address is given below:
“Dear employees of population social protection system! Let me heartily congratulate you with your professional holiday – the Social Employee Day!
This remarkable and very important holiday for population has already become a reality of our everyday life. This is the holiday of mercy and kindness, when we honor all those, who support veterans, elderly people and invalids, take care of orphans and kids, left without parental care, and helps other poorly protected categories of citizens.
Social protection of population in Bashkortostan is traditionally considered one of the most important directions in state policy and practically every third citizen of Bashkortostan is covered with these or those measures of social support. It is impossible to achieve high results in this noble occupation without high professionalism of our social employees. By your love and tactful attitude towards people you inspire the assurance in tomorrow and help thousands people through your good words and real deeds.
Thank you for your kindness and devotion, the warmth of your souls and for your care of human destinies.
I wish you strong health, well-being and happiness and further success in your uneasy but so necessary occupation for the good of our Bashkortostan and the whole of Russia!
President RB Murtaza Rakhimov”
Author:News-agency "Bashinform"
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