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4 June 2009, 10:45

Bashkortostan will need cement in previous volumes

“The increase of building volumes will entail growth of production in all adjacent branches of industry and in the economics in a whole” – this idea of the Republican anti-crisis program already started to give positive results because Bashkir developers will reach the pre-crisis cement intake already in June, Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev stated during the meeting with the officers of the company “Heidelberg Cement” (the co-owners of JSC “Building materials” in Sterlitamac).
“Just 58% of cement, produced in Sterlitamac was sold out on the territory of Bashkortostan before May, but we expect this share will make up about 80% in June” – Prime-Minister of Government RB said.
General Director of JSC “Building materials” Vladimir Fidelman reports since the beginning of the year the plant has produced more than 390 thousand tons of cement.
The officer of “Heidelberg Cement” M-r Andreas Kern mentioned that cement was always a material for local use so the increase of cement production in the region couldn’t but gladden.
“We originally supposed that Republic of Bashkortostan, which was considered one of the most stable Russian regions, would suffer from the crisis to a lesser degree” – M-r Kern said – “We feel that Republican authority really cares about problems of local developers”.
M-r Kern outlined the intentions of the company concerning further development of production and expansion of the company’s presence in our region. As he said, production of ecologically clean fuel can become quite prospective sphere of cooperation and utilized tires, machine oil and consumer plastic can be used as a raw material for such fuel. Prime-Minister of Government RB Rail Sarbaev confirmed the readiness of the Republic for cooperation and the only problem for establishment of the joint venture in this sphere is the absence of the normative-lawful base for achievement of this ecologically important project. “The details of this project on production of alternative fuel are the subject of further discussions and further joint activity”- he said – “The normative base for opening of such production should be developed at least at the regional level”.
Minister of building, architecture and transport RB Ravil Ibatullin, Minister of land and property relations RB Oleg Klinsky, General Director of JSC “Soda” Sergey Lobastov and General Manager of “Heidelberg Cement-Russ” in Russian Federation Christian Knell also took part in the meeting.
Author:Michael Sytin
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