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5 August 2021, 15:34

Hurricane knocked down trees and demolished roofs of buildings in Chekmagush

In Chekmagush, the aftermath of the hurricane is being restored. As the head of the district, Rekans Yamaleev, posted on his social media, the strongest wind caused significant damage to the regional center: the streets are blocked by fallen trees, the roofs fell off, power lines were cut off. Dozens of residential buildings in the private sector, educational institutions, a park, trade facilities, and non-residential buildings were damaged. Fortunately, there were no casualties.
As the head writes, residents came out to eliminate the consequences of bad weather. Fortunately, there are no casualties. The administration organized a commission for emergencies, formed emergency teams. First of all, you need to restore electricity and clear roads from debris. In the regional center, a house-to-house detour was carried out, people were reassured.
The Ministry of Emergency Situations joined the liquidation of the consequences of the hurricane. The hurricane affected the Ufa and Dyurtyulinsky districts - roofs and power lines were also damaged there. Residents applied to the social media of the head of the republic, local authorities responded promptly, the Bashkortostan Governance Center reported.
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