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20 July 2020, 13:32

100-year-old war veteran Ivan Nesmeyanov was buried in Bashkiria

The funeral of 100-year-old Great Patriotic War veteran Ivan Nikolaevich Nesmeyanov, who was brutally murdered by unknown criminals a few days ago, took place in Leuza village of Kiginsky district in Bashkiria.
Dozens of villagers, representatives of the district administration, the military commissariat of veterans and public organizations came to say goodbye to the front-line soldier. On behalf of the Head of the Republic, Deputy Prime Minister RB Irek Sagitov arrived to pay the last respects to the veteran.
The funeral ceremony took place in the Trinity Church in the native village of Ivan Nesmeyanov. The funeral procession stretched for several hundred meters. The last military honors were given to Ivan Nikolaevich: guard of honor, military music, and a final salute from machine guns.
The investigation continues, the investigators of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Russian Federation, continue to work on the spot. In Bashkiria, a search for criminals has been announced, a reward for information about scums who killed the veteran - half a million rubles.