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2 April , 15:38

Russian Ministry of Digital Development preparing infrastructure for self-prohibitions on loans

Many people would like to establish a self-ban on obtaining a loan now. But this opportunity will appear only next year - from March 1, 2025. Why is this so, explains Mikhail Mamuta, head of the Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Ensuring the Availability of Financial Services of the Bank of Russia:

“Self-ban will be recorded in your credit history through the State Services portal or MFC. To do this, you need to reconfigure the entire application filing system through State Services so that banks and credit history bureaus can learn about the ban promptly. It takes time. There were consultations with the Ministry of Digital Development, responsible for the global design of the entire information transmission system. As a result, a deadline was set.

It is also necessary to establish the acceptance of paper applications through the MFC, where this functionality will appear gradually until September 1, 2025. The goal is to ensure that everything is guaranteed to work as it should.

Self-prohibition is needed primarily by pensioners, who are the most vulnerable to scammers. It wouldn’t hurt young people or middle-aged people. If the money is required, the ban can be easily revoked.

You will need to wait two days; this period was introduced for additional protection so that scammers cannot deceive people and can quickly get money. There are a lot of fraudulent schemes; their victims sometimes act as if under hypnosis.

The main thing is that this law has been adopted, and any person can voluntarily refuse the opportunity to enter into credit and loan agreements and thereby protect themselves from a situation where fraudsters do this on their behalf.”

Author: Elina Akhmetova

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