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9 October 2023, 18:44

Bashkiria attracted 1.5 billion rubles in federal grants for tourism development in 2023-2024

Bashkiria has attracted 1.5 billion rubles in federal grants for 2023–2024, said the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism of the Republic, Rustem Afzalov, at a government meeting.

Of these, 335.6 million rubles are intended for the creation and development of tourism infrastructure; 208.8 million rubles will be allocated to improve the tourist center of Ufa; 930.6 million rubles b. — to create modular, non-capital accommodation facilities.

Grant support in all these areas was provided for the implementation of 92 investment projects in 29 districts and cities of the republic. Budget funds were sent to all competition winners.

The largest number of winning projects are in the territories of the city of Ufa, Nurimanovsky, Beloretsky, Burzyansky, Baymaksky, Ishimbaysky, Abzelilovsky, Gafuriysky, Karaidelsky districts.

In “Creation and improvement of beaches”, 29 applications were submitted, and winners were identified in 11 municipalities. As a result, 23 beaches will be developed and classified.

The largest number of applications was submitted in the “camping” area - 73. Considering the existing budget limits for this area, winners were identified in 19 municipalities. 25 campsites will be created with residential and recreational areas provided.

To equip the tourist center of Ufa, the following will be implemented: 24 projects for the acquisition of equipment for tourist locations; 8 projects to create electronic guides on tourist routes; 6 - on the development of new routes; 5 - for an accessible tourist environment for people with disabilities; and also on this list is a project to create a year-round swimming pool, a total of 44 projects.

“Currently, subsidies for 2023 have already been allocated to implementing 14 projects. For other projects, we are waiting for federal funds from the Russian Ministry of Economic Development to reach the republic. After this, agreements will be concluded, and grant support will be provided to the remaining winners of the competitions,” said Rustem Afzalov.

The Minister said that the department had asked the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation to consider postponing the implementation of subsidies sent in October-November 2023 to the next year and reporting on them.

In total, 150 investment projects will be implemented with state support in 36 municipalities for a total of 3.79 billion rubles, including the funds of the competition winners - 2.29 billion rubles.

As Bashinform News Agency reported, the tourist flow in the republic has increased by a third this year.

Author: Elina Akhmetova

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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