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20 January , 13:34

Bashkortostan plans to build plant together with Belarus within a year

The Amkodor holding and Bashkortostan plan to build a plant in a year, the Head of Bashkortostan said at a press conference at the Sputnik Belarus multimedia press center on Thursday. Recall that the delegation of Bashkortostan headed by Radiy Khabirov is on an official visit to the Republic of Belarus.

“We are very interested in the competencies that exist here in the field of mechanical engineering, so we made several proposals to our colleagues on locating our enterprises here, in Belarus, and Belarusian ones in our republic. We are doing well in cooperation with the Amkodor Company. We will build a joint plant within a year. These are 25,000 production facilities that will produce units for the subsequent grain processing. First of all, grain dryers and granaries are extremely in demand in our republic and the whole Russian Federation”, said the Head of Bashkortostan.

Radiy Khabirov said that in Bashkiria, with Amkodor, they had already begun implementing a service center.

“Without a service center, further work is impossible. This is 5,000 square meters of industrial premises”, said Radiy Khabirov.

The Head of Bashkiria also said that the situation with the joint production of trolleybuses with Belarusian colleagues and, above all, with MAZ is developing quite well.

“We hope that Ufa will receive 40 new trolleybuses by the fall of 2023 - those that embody a modern city”, the Head of the Republic announced.

Radiy Khabirov said that last year Bashkiria purchased 124 units of municipal equipment, and in three years, they bought about a thousand Belarus wheeled tractors.

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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