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3 August , 10:40

Regional projects financing in Bashkiria increased by 1.5 times

The amount of funds provided for regional projects has increased by more than 1.5 times compared to last year, the Ministry of Finance of Bashkiria stated.

Recall that in total 49 regional projects are being implemented in the republic as part of 12 national projects developed on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“In accordance with the revised plan, 40.9 billion rubles are provided for the implementation of regional projects in 2022. Of this amount, 30.1 billion rubles come from the federal budget and state off-budget funds. Another 10.8 billion rubles are funds from the republican budget,” explained Lira Igtisamova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, Minister of Finance of Bashkiria.

For comparison: last year, 27 billion rubles were allocated for the implementation of regional projects, of which 18.8 billion rubles were federal budget funds.

The most significant increase in the provided funds is noted for national projects: "Demography" - 1 billion rubles; "Culture" - 1.6 billion rubles; "Education" - 1.8 billion rubles; "Safe quality roads" - 1.9 billion rubles; "Housing and urban environment" - 2.4 billion rubles; "Health" - 4.9 billion rubles.

Budget expenditures of Bashkiria for the implementation of regional projects, as of July 1, 2022, amounted to 14 billion rubles, or 34.3 percent of the funds provided. Of these, the federal budget accounts for 10.9 billion rubles or 36.4 percent, and the republican budget - 3.1 billion rubles or 28.4 percent.

This year, the level of execution exceeded the level of the same period last year by 2.9 percentage points, the Ministry of Finance of Bashkiria emphasized.

The largest expenditures are noted within the framework of the national projects "Demography" - 3.6 billion rubles (41.7 percent of appropriations for the year), "Safe quality roads" - 3.2 billion rubles (39.8 percent), "Housing and urban environment "- 2.9 billion rubles (32.8 percent), "Health" - 1.9 billion rubles (23.7 percent), "Education" - 1.2 billion rubles (34.7 percent).

 “The volume of subsidies and other inter-budgetary transfers provided to municipalities from the budget of Bashkortostan has now reached 3.4 billion rubles. Including from the federal budget - 2.7 billion rubles, from the republican budget - 639.4 million rubles, or 31.3 percent of the revised plan, the department added. “Compared to 2021, the volume of subsidies and other inter-budgetary transfers from the budget of the republic to municipalities increased by 540 million rubles or 5.3 percent. As of July 1, more than two times more intergovernmental transfers were actually provided than in the same period last year.”

 Author: Galina Bakhshieva

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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