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3 August , 17:29

Average salary in Bashkiria became known

The average monthly nominal accrued salary in Bashkiria for January-May 2022 reached 44,995 rubles. This is 13.6 percent more than in the first five months of last year. However, the real accrued wages, compared to January-May 2021, amounted to 98.5 percent in the republic, the statistics of the republic reported.

According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, the average salary in May exceeded 47,524 rubles with an increase of 13.9 percent. At the same time, real accrued wages, compared to May 2021, amounted to 95.7 percent in the region.

Traditionally, the highest salaries are in mining - more than 71 thousand rubles on average, and in manufacturing - almost 50.5 thousand rubles. The average salary in the field of "Professional, scientific and technical activities" exceeded 63 thousand rubles. Not far behind her insurance and financial activities. Employees in this area receive an average of 61.3 thousand rubles.

The smallest salaries are for those who are engaged in the production of leather and leather products - about 20 thousand rubles a month; clothing production - 20.7 thousand rubles; hotel business and catering - 24.4 thousand rubles on average.

The real wage index is calculated to characterize the change in the purchasing power of wages due to changes in prices for consumer goods and services. It is calculated by dividing the nominal wage index by the consumer price index.

Author: Galina Bakhshieva

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina
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