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22 November , 19:41

More than 1000 free investment sites have been issued certificates in Bashkiria

In Bashkortostan, investment certificates have been generated for 1,050 vacant land plots where businesses can implement their investment projects.

The register of free investment sites saves investors time and allows them to select a site quickly according to the required parameters. The Head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov, said on his social media that in 5 months the number of sites surveyed had increased by a third. In June, for example, there were 918 sites in the register; 700 had certificates. An investment site certificate is a unified form that contains basic information about the object, characteristics of the land plot, and real estate located within site. The document also indicates the features of the engineering and transport infrastructure and accessibility, presents the layout of the land plot on the public cadastral map of the Russian Federation, and the necessary video and photographic materials.

"In addition to site certificates, investors are offered other tools that optimize the pre-project stage and significantly reduce the project launch time. One of them is a panoramic presentation of potential investment sites. This is an interactive, bird's-eye view, high-resolution spherical aerial panorama. On the panorama, you can see the relief of the land plot, social infrastructure facilities. The files show the boundaries and area of ​​the land plot and provide brief information about the characteristics of the proposed site. All this helps entrepreneurs to see the land plot fully without visiting the site, and to save time considerably", Radiy Khabirov explained.

Translated by:Tatyana Aksyutina