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11 November 2021, 14:34

Prices for Internet and TV may rise in Russia

Tariffs for home Internet, television, and other wired communication services in 2022 may grow by 10%. Izvestia reported this, citing data from the TelecomDaily agency, based on the results of a survey of top managers of large communications companies.

Among the reasons for the rise in prices for these types of services is the increase in equipment prices, inflation, and recent legislative changes. Experts believe that this growth, which previously stood at 12-15% annually, will slow down. The operators explain that they are adapting to the emerging cost items, while no new ones are expected. The calculations do not apply to mobile communications, the study stipulates.

In addition to inflation, the upcoming rise in prices is explained by the need to comply with the requirements of the Yarovaya Law on storing Internet traffic of subscribers and providing users with free access to socially significant resources. The market is also under pressure from the rise in prices for telecommunications equipment purchased abroad: earlier, it was associated with an increase in the dollar and euro exchange rate, and now with a global shortage of components, Izvestia informs.

Meanwhile, the FAS press service commented that now they do not have information about the increase in tariffs for communication services using fixed technology and information about prerequisites for such an increase.

Author:Tatyana Aksyutina
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