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22 September 2021, 17:51

Bashkiria budget received 169.6 billion rubles of revenues by September 1

Compared to January - August 2020, the collection rate increased by 7%, the Ministry of Finance RB reported. Tax and non-tax revenues amounted to almost 120 billion rubles (+ 15 billion rubles or 14% compared to the previous period).
40.17 billion rubles were received from the main source of income - personal income tax (more than a third of all tax and non-tax revenues; an increase of 12%). The corporate income tax increased by 1.5 times and brought the budget more than 34.8 billion rubles (29%). The collection of taxes on total income grew 1.4 times (2.38 billion rubles).
Profit from the use of state and municipal property amounted to 3.87 billion rubles. (3.2% of total revenues) - 2.5 times (or almost 6 billion rubles) less than in the previous period.
More than 49.7 billion rubles of subsidies were received from the federal budget (almost 30% of total income) - 7% less or 1.73 billion rubles.
The expenditures of the consolidated budget of the republic in January-August were financed of 167.89 billion rubles - 0.9% less than in eight months of 2020. Local budget expenditures increased by 10%.
According to the adopted plan, the budget for 2021 should be executed in terms of revenues of 203.6 billion rubles; expenditures are planned at 225.6 billion rubles.
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