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20 September 2021, 18:42

State support for farmers amounted to more than 620 million rubles in Bashkiria

By the end of 2021, the farmer's share in the gross agricultural output will reach 15%. At the end of 2020, the indicator was 14% (in monetary terms - 27.1 billion rubles), the target by 2030 is 20%. In 2012, the share of farmers in agricultural output was 5.8%.
This year, the volume of state support to Bashkir farmers amounted to 620.1 million rubles (568.5 million rubles - federal budget subsidies). At the moment, 70% of this amount has been spent, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture Ilshat Fazrakhmanov said at a briefing session in the government.
In 2020, rural small entrepreneurs were supported by 729.3 million rubles.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkiria, the following measures and amounts of support are planned for 2022: under the Agrostartup program - 63.7 million rubles; Agroprogress - 30 million rubles; subsidies to agricultural consumer cooperatives - 225.9 million rubles; subsidies to the Competence Center - RUB 3 million rubles; state support for family farms - 222.4 million rubles; grants for improving the technical equipment of the agricultural enterprises - 59.5 million rubles.
Next year, funding for the program of income-generating projects is resumed (preliminary, 150 million rubles). "This will give an even greater impetus to the consumer cooperatives development", the Minister of Agriculture of Bashkiria said.
In 2022, a new direction "Agrotourism" is launched with the amount of support of 5 million rubles, then until 2024 it is planned to spend 25 million rubles annually. Within the framework of "Agrotourism", state support of projects for rural tourism development is expected. The amount of the grant will depend on the size of the applicant's own funds and will vary from 3 to 10 million rubles.
Also, the adopted Comprehensive Program for the Development of the Food and Processing Industry of Bashkortostan for 2021-2026 supposes subsidizing of part of the costs (up to 40% with a limitation of the subsidy amount) for the purchase of machinery and equipment for food and processing enterprises and subsidies for part of the cost of purchasing raw materials for soft drinks and juices production.
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