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25 May 2021, 16:49

Investor will spend 600 million rubles in medical gases production in Bashkiria

The investor will spend 600 million rubles in medical gas production used during medical operations and artificial lung ventilation. "Bashkir Cryogenic Technologies" LLC- a resident of "Kumertau" priority development area (PDA) plans to expand the project for the production of gases and is going to produce cryogenic equipment for medical hospitals. This was discussed at a meeting on the development of single-industry municipalities.
As the Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Investment Policy of Bashkiria Yekaterina Klikunova noted, the project's expansion will create an additional 50 jobs.
According to the press service of the government of the republic, the new project will include the production of cryo-gasifiers, which will "convert condensed cryo-products into a gaseous state." Also, a technical audit of the needs of medical institutions of the republic will be carried out to form the project's financial model.
Earlier, the resident announced investments of 300 million rubles; the same amount is planned to be allocated for expansion.
The investment project is planned to be implemented during 2021-2025. The enterprise plans to produce liquid medical oxygen, gaseous and liquid nitrogen, which is also used in cryotherapy.
Cryogenic gasifiers in medicine are intended to store liquefied nitrogen, oxygen, argon, gasification and delivery to the consumer in a gaseous state with automatic maintenance of preset values ​​of flow rate and pressure.
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