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14 May 2021, 16:53

Growth rate of prices in Bashkiria is lower than national average

The growth rate of consumer prices in Bashkiria is lower than the national average, the Minister of Trade RB Aleksei Gusev stated.
The consumer price index in the region in March this year to December 2020 formed at the level of 101.7%, remaining lower than in the country as a whole (102.1%).
"Despite the coronavirus pandemic and related problems, a gradual recovery of the consumer market is observed in Bashkiria. Government measures to curb prices for socially significant products, introduced in mid-December last year, have yielded a positive result," he explained.
Today the trade sector of the economy of Bashkiria accounts for 12.7% of the gross regional product.
Due to the pandemic, retail trade turnover decreased by 0.6% versus January-March 2020. The decline in turnover was 1.6% on average in Russia.
"Meanwhile, according to the results of the fiscal year, Internet sales among organizations not related to small businesses increased by 79.2%," Aleksei Gusev added.
As for the wholesale trade turnover in Bashkiria, it amounted to 236.3 billion rubles, or 96.5% against January-March last year.
The volume of paid services to the population decreased to 63.1 billion rubles or 92.9% over the same period in 2020.
As emphasized by the Ministry of Trade, the republic shows a decrease in consumer services for the population. In particular, in the first quarter of 2021, it amounted to 7.2 billion rubles or 94.2% to the corresponding period of the last year.
According to Gusev, given the gradual recovery in consumer demand for goods and services against the backdrop of economic recovery, "it is expected to reach a positive development trend by the end of the third quarter of this year."
Author:Galina Bakhshieva
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