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8 April 2021, 17:41

Government allocated 9 billion rubles to sugar and sunflower oil producers

Manufacturers of sunflower oil and granulated sugar are partially compensated for the costs of manufacturing and selling products.
This order was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.
The decision concerns the companies that participate in the agreements on the stabilization of prices for foodstuffs.
In total, 9 billion rubles will be allocated for compensation from the reserve fund, which will allow fixing the cost of 1 kg of sugar at a level not exceeding 36 rubles for wholesalers and 46 rubles for retail buyers, 1 liter of oil - at the level of 95 and 110 rubles, respectively.
The transfers will be distributed based on requests from the regions.
It is expected that at least 600 thousand liters of oil and at least 600 thousand tons of sugar will be sold at such prices.
The rules for granting payments were also approved: companies that have fixed prices will receive compensation at the rate of 10 rubles per liter of butter and 5 rubles per 1 kg of sugar.
Earlier, the government extended agreements with market participants to stabilize prices. For granulated sugar, they will be valid until June 1, 2021, for sunflower oil - until October 1, 2021.
The decisions taken are part of a set of measures to reduce food prices, developed by the Government on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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