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2 April 2021, 15:28

Almost one third of Bashkiria inhabitants live on retirement payments – Bashkortostan Statistics Agency

Almost 30% of the inhabitants of Bashkiria are pensioners. According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, pensions are the main source of income for 1.2 million residents of the republic. The main category of pensioners is those receiving old-age retirement pension - 83%. Recipients of social pensions account for 8%, for disability - 3.4%, loss-of-breadwinner - 4.4%.
Pensioners are mostly city dwellers - 60% versus 40% of villagers. Women in the total number of pensioners constitute 64.8%, men - 35.2%.
The average assigned pension as of January 1, 2021, was 15,255 rubles. Over the year, pensions have grown by 0.5% in general. The average size of insurance pensions was: for old age - 16,129 rubles, for disability - 10,125 rubles, for the loss of a breadwinner - 10,758 rubles.
The average size of pensions for state pension provision amounted to 10,242 rubles, of which social pensions - 9,966 rubles.
The average pension in rural areas amounted to 87% of the level in the city, for women 93% to men.
The average pension is 42.6% of the average accrued wages. As a rule, working pensioners are in a relatively prosperous position, at present it is every sixth - 16.5%.
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