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12 March 2021, 12:27

Gasoline prices have increased in Bashkiria

Average consumer prices for motor fuel increased in February in Bashkiria by 10 - 46 kopecks, depending on the brand. Simultaneously, the prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in the republic were lower than nationwide, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency stated.
Thus, in February, a liter of 92 RON gasoline cost increased from 43.11 rubles in January to 43.40 rubles.
Prices for 92 RON gasoline amounted to 44.21 rubles per liter last month on average in Russia.
The cost of 95 RON gasoline increased over the month from 46.14 to 46.41 rubles per liter. In Russia as a whole, a liter of 95 RON gasoline cost an average of 47.83 rubles in February.
Average prices for 98 RON gasoline rose from 52.33 rubles in January to 52.79 rubles per liter. In Russia, they reached an average of 54.36 rubles per liter by the end of February.
The cost of diesel fuel for the month increased in the republic from 47.91 rubles to 48.01 rubles per liter. The average prices for diesel fuel reached 49.08 rubles per liter on average in Russia.
Meanwhile, if we compare with February 2020, motor fuel prices increased in Bashkiria by 2.4 - 5.3 percent.
Author:Galina Bakhshieva
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