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10 March 2021, 10:31

Bashkiria increases export of feed to Europe - Ministry of Agriculture

Bashkiria is increasing the export of feed to Europe, the republican Ministry of Agriculture stated.
According to the ministry, the regional oil extraction enterprises exported more than 300 railway cars with sunflower cake and granulated sunflower meal in the first two months of the year.
"In total, the Chishminsky Oil Extraction Plant and Kumertau "Elevator" LLC forwarded more than 22 thousand tons of valuable feed additives of vegetable origin to the seaports of Latvia and Lithuania. Seed cake and oilseed meal are re-exported from the Baltics to large European countries," the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkiria explained. The feed produced in the republic is in demand in European countries.
In particular, in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and other EU countries, Bashkir sunflower cake and meal are used for fattening pigs, cattle, poultry, and fish. These feed additives are also a necessary component in the production of combined animal feed.
"According to the latest data, the volume of exports of the republican agricultural products in 2020 exceeded 165.4 million dollars. Simultaneously, the target indicator for the last year for the regional project "Agricultural Products Export in Bashkortostan", implemented within the national project "International Cooperation and Export", amounted to $ 115 million. Fat and oil products prevail in the structure of the region's exports, or more than 56% of the total volume," the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkiria concluded.
Author:Galina Bakhshieva
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