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14 December 2020, 13:45

Russian agricultural exports prospects were estimated in Ufa

Russia's agricultural exports are expected to grow from $ 28 billion in 2020 to $ 34 billion by 2024. This was announced at the International Business Week 2020 in Ufa by Roman Chekushev, Director of the Department for Export Development of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.
“This year, several factors contributed to the growth of agricultural exports in Russia,” Roman Chekushev noted. “This is work on the export directions development, and the market situation, which caused an agiotage demand for food in the first half of this year, and the depreciation of the ruble. Undoubtedly, the state support of exporters also played a role, within the framework of which six different measures are currently in force, and three more will be added next year."
In the next three years, grain should bring the largest increase in the value of Russian agricultural exports - by $ 2.3 billion. Sales of fish and seafood abroad will increase by $ 1.8 billion, food and processing industry products - by $ 1.7 billion. Oil and fat supplies are planned to increase by $ 980 million, meat - by $ 340 million, dairy products - by $ 200 million.
The countries of Africa and Southeast Asia are among the promising export destinations. By 2030, the market volume of each of these directions is estimated at $ 3.5 billion. Deliveries to the Middle East and China in ten years can grow by $ 3 billion, to India - by 600 million, and by $ 200 million - to Central Asia.
"The main driver of growth in export supplies is grain, which is in demand in many countries of the world," said Roman Chekushev. "The markets of India and China are promising for the supply of fat and oil products; vegetable oils may gain popularity in North African countries. The forecast is cautious for livestock products since we need to do a lot of work on opening markets, but such work is being actively carried out now."
Author:Sergey Nikolaev
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