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26 June 2020, 19:59

Share of cashless payments has grown significantly in Bashkiria

In the first quarter of this year, there was a steady upward trend in the share of non-cash transactions when paying for goods and services, according to the press service of the National Bank for Bashkiria.
Compared to January-March 2019, residents of Bashkortostan were 44% more likely to pay by card. Nine out of 10 card transactions are made to pay for goods and services, and only one - to withdraw cash. In total, in January-March, residents of the republic completed 158 million transactions to pay for goods and services using payment cards totaling 97 billion rubles. Moreover, out of every 100 rubles spent on the card, 41 rubles were spent in a non-cash way. For comparison: in the first quarter of 2019, this figure was 37 rubles.
The development of the payment infrastructure facilitated the increase in the share of non-cash payments in Bashkiria. So, over the year, the number of electronic terminals for receiving cashless payments increased by 31% - up to 81 thousand units. By the end of the first quarter, the number of active bank cards with which at least one transaction completed reached 4.8 million units (+ 9%).
“Further development of the share of non-cash payments will be promoted by the development of the Quick Payment System. About 70 banks have already been connected to it. Just recently, the last major player has done it. Now their customers can instantly transfer up to 100 thousand rubles a month for free by phone number. In Russia as a whole, the number of payments through the system increases monthly by 20%. We also expect the development of such a function of Quick Payment System as payments to legal entities, for example, for goods and services, including using QR codes,” Yegor Mikhtanyuk, deputy manager of the National Bank for Bashkiria branch Bank of Russia commented on the issue.
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