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21 February 2020, 17:55

Garden Ring Group determined costs of Mratkino resort development at 7.6 billion rubles

Garden Ring Group of Companies announced the investment project parameters for the development of the all-season resort cluster "Mratkino" in Beloretsky district at the "Investment Hour" session in the government of Bashkortostan. Investors plan to build two tourist zones (earlier it was mentioned the construction of hotels, pedestrian, horse, bicycle trails) and expand the sports zone to 25 km of ski slopes (now there are eight tracks with a total length of 8 km in Mratkino).
The project cost is estimated at 7 billion 663 million rubles, the implementation period in the format of public-private partnerships is 2020–2046 (2020–2022- construction).
The public partner, the grantor, is the government of Bashkortostan. Co-financing of budgets will amount to 3.334 billion rubles: republican 1.777 billion, federal by 1.191 billion, 365.5 million rubles. - subsidies for cost recovery. The concessionaire invests more than 4.687 billion 941.5 million rubles of its funds and more than 3.744 billion borrowed.
"It was possible to convince the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia that it was necessary to compensate for the loan interest rate (5%), which would give the project an additional 1.5 billion rubles, which significantly affected the project's economy," said Sergei Kolunov, Chairman of the Garden Ring Board of Directors.
Besides, the investor is expecting support from the Monotown Development Fund in the amount of 600 million rubles. With these funds, it is planned to "make Beloretsk more attractive to tourists" (Mratkino is located 4 km from the city).
The head of the State Committee for Tourism of Bashkiria, Salavat Nafikov, supporting the project, proposed in the future, "when there will be opportunities," to connect the Mratkino and Bannoye resorts with a 15-kilometer road along the Kirkty ridge. This will improve the logistics of the tourism cluster, he explained: now the road between the resorts takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour, passing through several settlements.
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