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2 August 2019, 15:36

Gasoline prices in Bashkiria are below average Russian - statistics

UFA, 2 August 2019. /Bashinform News Agency, Galina Bakhshieva/ translated by Tatiana Aksyutina/.
The cost of petroleum products in Bashkiria is lower than the national average, today the Bashkir Statistics Agency stated, citing weekly monitoring data.
In Russia as a whole, the 92nd gasoline now costs car owners an average of 42.22 rubles, the 95th - 45.62 rubles, the 98th - 51.23 rubles, diesel fuel - 46.14 rubles per liter.
Meanwhile, in Bashkiria, the price of gasoline 92 RON and 95 RON increased by 0.1 percent compared with July 22. The average consumer price in the region is 41.89 and 44.82 rubles per liter, respectively.
The 98th gasoline rose by 0.2 percent over the same time. Its average price at the moment is 49.84 rubles per liter in Bashkiria.
The cost of diesel fuel per week remained at the same level - an average of 45.44 rubles per liter.
Author:Galina Bakhshieva
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