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5 October 2018, 13:42

What products have shown greatest increase in price in Bashkiria - statistics

UFA, 5 October 2018. /Bashinform News Agency, Galina Bakhshieva/ translated by Tatiana Aksyutina/. The statisticians of the republic named socially significant products, the prices of which rose or, on the contrary, decreased for the last week.
According to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency, millet, which now costs almost 46 rubles per kilogram on average, has risen most notably in the region. The weekly rise in prices for this cereal was 3.9 percent.
Eggs became more expensive by 2.9 percent for a week - more than 48 rubles per ten on average.
White cabbage took the conditional third place, which rise in price was 1.9 percent. A kilogram of this vegetable now costs 19 rubles in the region.
Chicken, flour, pasteurized milk, sunflower oil, rice, mutton, noodles, and beef are also in the list of the increased in price products. Weekly growth on them amounted to 0.3 - 1.6 percent.
The leaders in the list of the most decreased in price products were carrots and potatoes - minus 5.8 percent per week, or an average of 21 and 17 rubles per kilogram, respectively.
The top three is closed with apples - minus 1.5 percent for the week. The average price of apples in the republic is now 78 rubles per kilogram.
The number of products lost in the price also included: frozen fish, salt, onions, pork, butter, sugar, cheeses, sterilized milk, buckwheat, tea, and bread. A weekly decline in their prices varies from 0.02 to 1.2 percent, Bashkortostan Statistics Agency stated.
Author:Galina Bakhshieva
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