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22 July 2016, 17:23

"Ufaneftekhim" fire did not affect fulfillment of our obligations to suppliers -

UFA, 22 July 2016. /Bashinform News Agency, Olesya Seregina/. The fire at the Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim refinery did not affect the fulfillment of the obligations to suppliers, Alexander Korsik, the President of PJSOC Bashneft said in his interview with Bashkir satellite TV on July 21.
The head of the oil company said that currently the unit where was an emergency, did not operate, and raw material flows were redirected to other units of the plant.
Alexander Korsik informed that the Ufaneftekhim fire would have no impact on the planned privatization of Bashneft and its shares cost, as the company's production figures had not changed much.
The Bashneft president assured that there was no threat in environmental terms.
"There were no emissions. As far as I know the representatives of the corresponding republican ministry were at the scene, all tests were taken, absolutely nothing happens. In this regard, everything is fine", said Alexander Korsik.
The head of the oil company said that the family members of workers who suffered and died in the fire at the plant would receive insurance benefits and financial aid from Bashneft company. According to the preliminary data, the insurance company will pay each family about 4 million rubles.
"In addition, the company will pay the amount which is greater than the insurance payments", said Alexander Korsik.
On the night of Saturday, July 16 at the hydrocracking unit of Bashneft-Ufaneftekhim company as a result of safety rules violation a gas mixture ignition occurred with depressurization of product pipeline, oil spillage, and appearance of fire over an area of about 300 sq. m. Eight employees of the company suffered during the accident. Two of them are at the burn care facility of Ufa, six people died.
Author:Olesya Seregina
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