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14 February 2013, 19:12

Flowers sales decreased several times on the St.Valentine’s Day in Ufa

In comparison with 2003-2005 years, the sales volume of flowers on the St.Valentine’s Day decreased in Ufa several times. As the individual businessman Albina Shamsieva informs, engaged in flower business for many years, even eight years ago the gain on the Day of Saint Valentine exceeded sales on the usual working day at least five times. The reason is simple: at first not only youth but people of mature age participated in the Catholic holiday with pleasure. Today the St.Valentine’s Day is celebrated basically only by youth, to a lesser degree — by people of middle age and elderly people.
On the St.Valentine’s Day wine-colored roses are in a priority – a symbol of love and passion. Thus the Ufa youth prefers to buy not a bouquet, but only one rose, which cost this day a little higher than usual.
On the St.Valentine’s Day -2013 one Dutch rose costs 150 rbl. in Ufa. If to decorate it with greens, bows, hearts and to pack it beautifully, the purchase cost will increase for 50-100 rbl. more.
Thus there are practically no orders for very expensive bouquets on the Valentine’s Day. Demand for rather expensive bouquets from 11 to 15 roses appears only during the evening hours. The thing is different with March 8, - the holiday for women of all age.
Author:Galina Bakhshieva
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