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28 January 2013, 14:39

Russians consider as savings the sum not less than 243 thousand rbl. - VCIOM

243 thousand 216 rbl. is the average sum, which Russians are ready to name as savings, the All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion (VCIOM) found out.
For the last seven years the sum grew twice: in 2006 Russians considered 120833 roubles as savings.
The interrelation between the named sum and educational level, economic security, age of respondents was established.
Thus, the most modest figures were named by respondents with elementary education – 98013 rbl.. The interrogated with higher education consider 357520 rbl as savings. The well-to-do Russians agreed on the sum of 439497 rbl., low-income Russians – 169264 roubles.
For Russians under 35 years, savings start from 270707 rbl. The elderly respondents have much more modest demands – 143453 roubles.
A size of a settlement matters too. The average arithmetic index of prospective savings in Moscow and St.-Petersburg is 326589 rbl. Rural residents name 174705 rbl.
During the sociological research 1600 people in 138 settlements of 46 regions of Russia were interrogated. The statistical error does not exceed 3,4 percent.
Translated by:Elvira Latypova