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28 January 2013, 19:24

Bashkiria is in the lead on manufacture of several major types of industrial products in Russia

Bashkortostan takes the leading positions in Russia on manufacture of several major types of industrial output. The up-to-date data are published by the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency. Thus, Bashkortostan is a unique manufacturer of truck-mounted concrete pumps in Russia. The republic occupies the first place on manufacture of caustic ash (56,8 % of the all-Russian manufacture), wire from non-alloy steel (23,4 %), automobile gasoline (14,4 %), diesel fuel (13,6 %), and also on primary oil refining (10,2 %).
Bashkortostan is on the second place in the country on manufacture of transit-mix trucks (38,9 %), helicopters (25 %), sheet glass (24,4 %), synthetic rubbers (22,6 %), metal-cutting machine tools (21,7 %), roofing materials (15,6 %) and plastic (12,4 %).
In Russia the republic occupies the third position on volumes of incandescent lamps production (16,3 %), caustic soda (14,7 %), elevators (9,6 %) and trolley buses (9,1 %).
For the year of 2012 Bashkortostan provided 2,3 % of the Russian turnover of companies and 2,5 % of total amount of the shipped goods of own manufacture, executed works and services. On these indicators the republic took the eighth place in Russia.
Statisticians mark that «industrial production of the last five years is characterised with positive tendency advancing the average indicators across Russia». The industrial production index in 2012 made 105,7 %, it was 102,6 % as a whole over the country.
Translated by:Elvira Latypova