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3 September 2012, 14:43

Water and heat tariffs are increased in Bashkiria

Since September 1 housing and communal tariffs were increased in Russia. The tariffs, set in Bashkortostan, are introduced to the news agency “Bashinform” by the state tariff committee RB.
Thus, heat energy tariffs in the Republic are increased from 754,36 rubles for one gig-calorie to 792,37 rubles in Ufa. The cost of heat energy is increased by 4,5% in other settlements of Bashkortostan.
Water tariff in Ufa is equal to 10,36 rubles for one cubic meter instead of 9,80 rubles before. Cold water tariff is increased from 11,51 to 12,15 rubles for one cubic meter.
The cost of one kilowatt-hour of electric energy is not changed, as compared with July 2012, and is equal to 2,02 rubles for people, having gas stoves. For people, in whole flats electric stoves are installed, and for rural population the energy tariff makes up 1,41 rubles.
Retail prices for natural gas weren’t changed too: 3,94 rubles for one cubic meter, if the gas meters are available. If such meters are absent, the cost of natural gas is determined, coming out from the normative - 2,87 rubles for heating of home accommodations and 5,60 rubles for cooking and hot water supply.
All prices are given taking VAT into account.
Author:Arina Rakhimkulova
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