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31 August 2012, 12:08

Bashkir farmers purchase pedigree cattle

The first lot of cows arrived in Augazinsky region according to the Republican goal-oriented program “500 farms” some days ago. Thus, 100 cows were delivered from Byelorussia. 132 Holstein cows arrived from Hungary. Press-service of the Ministry of agriculture RB reports till the end of the year they intend to buy other 60 pedigrees cows in this country.
Holstein cows are characterized by high milk yield and used for improvement of milk cattle all over the world. These cows are well adapted to different climatic and economic conditions.
On Sunday, September 2, one more herd of pedigree cattle is expected to arrive in the agricultural company”AGROTECH”, Iglinsky region RB, from Finland.
Translated by:Arina Rakhimkulova