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15 August 2012, 18:04

Rustem Khamitov named sources to cover the budget deficit

The next three years the budget of Bashkortostan will be deficit. For example, in 2013 revenues in treasury are expected for 12 billion roubles less than expenses.
By estimations of the republican Ministry of Finance the consolidated budget for the next year is planned as 126 billion roubles of revenues, and 138 billion roubles of expenses. Expected parametres of social and economic development of the republic for 2013-2015 were considered on the past session of the Government RB headed by the President RB on August 15.
“The budget deficit of 12 billion roubles is quite affordable figure for us”, Rustem Khamitov marked. “As we see funds for this deficiency repayment”.
Among these funds the President named first of all the internal reserve of the republic - funds which were accumulated from year to year and which volume makes for today about five billion roubles, and also credits.
Meanwhile, according to the head of the republic, a number of subjects of the Federation "over-credited" to such extent that volumes of loans make 50-80 percent from their budgets, and these regions are in the risk zone. Bashkiria develops according to the "low volume of credits" scheme.
“There was a drought, and we took almost 3,5 billion roubles in 2010 — to support farmers. Without it we could not cope with the situation connected with loss of agricultural products”, Rustem Khamitov gave an example. “This year there is a drought too. And we hope that the Government of Russia can prolong or restructure payments under the loans taken in 2010. Most likely it will occur, and we should repay these funds not in 2012-2014 as it was planned, but in 2014-2016 taking into account that today in 46 republican areas there is a drought”, the head of the republic noted.
Translated by:Alfiya Sharafutdinova