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6 July 2012, 17:35

Inflation in Bashkortostan reached its historical minimum

For the first half of 2012 inflation in Bashkortostan made 2,6 percent, the republican Ministry of Economic Development informs referring to information of Bashkortostanstat.
It is the lowest level of semi-annual inflation for all history of its monitoring in the republic, press-service of the Ministry of Economic Development marks.
Thus most of all food products rose in price — the price index on food commodities made 103,7 percent from the beginning of the year. The cost growth of non-foods is fixed at the level of 1,9 percent, equally with prices for services.
In the non-foods group the prices for separate kinds of construction materials, jewels, printing editions, cars rose, the Ministry of Economic Development informs. Reserved seat ticket cost in long distance trains grew for 10 percent, thus the fare for a compartment decreased for 1,5 percent. Foreign tours increased in price on average for 11 percent.
In the second half of 2012 the Ministry expects higher rate of inflation that is connected, first of all, with increase of utility rates since July 1.
Translated by:Alfiya Sharafutdinova