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26 June 2012, 11:34

In Bashkiria hay making is finished for 15 % to the plan

Grasses in the republic are cut on the area of 227 thousand hectares, the press-service of the republican Ministry of Agriculture informs. It is 21 percent to the plan. Farms of 20 regions made hay on a quarter of their areas. Farmers from Durtulinsky (34 percent), Mishkinsky (36 percent) and Nurimanovsky (32 percent) regions have the highest rates of hay making.
Despite rains in the past days off, the majority of republican regions managed to improve their indicators on forage conservation. As a whole over Bashkortostan for Saturday and Sunday annual and permanent grasses were cut on the area of 37 thousand hectares.
As of Monday June 25, it is prepared 112 thousand tons of hay (15 percent) and 264 thousand tons of haylage (11 percent). Moreover there are regions which crossed half-boundary on forage conservation. The first 50 percent of hay was prepared by agricultural producers of Sharansky region, haylage of Blagoveshchensky region.
Translated by:Galiya Nabieva