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24 May 2012, 16:39

Bureaucratic barriers remain the main problem for business in Bashkiria

Removal of bureaucratic obstacles in business has become the main theme at the meeting of the republican council for support of business undertakings under the Government RB. The meeting was headed by the Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov.
According to M-r Ilimbetov it will be difficult to raise the number of small and medium business companies if the authorities fail to solve the problem of administrative barriers.
“Taking the acuteness of this problem into account certain steps in this directions are already undertaken at the republican level” – the Prime-Minister reported – “Thus, appointment of the Ombudsman for rights of business people has become one more step in protection of interests of small and medium business. It means that Bashkir business found a reliable defender, standing for the interests of business people and helping them to solve various problems”.
Azamat Ilimbetov has also mentioned that the work for removal of bureaucratic obstacles in the republic is already running and first of all this activity is directed at reduction of excessive expenses in business. Besides, the Government RB is actively working on formation and development of electronic interdepartmental interaction.
“It will save business people from endless queues and from going through numerous formal channels” – the Prime-Minister added.
The chairman of the council for public control of efficiency of use of state means under the President RB Peter Bobylev has mentioned that administrative barriers negatively affect business activity.
“Business people spend time and money, overcoming these obstacles and finally it badly affects economic development of the whole region. Officials mustn’t search for refusals to business people but should help them in solution of their problems”.
Author:Rasul Khamidullin