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14 March 2012, 21:12

Agreement about cooperation in sphere of oil and gas mining is reached between Bashkortostan and Algeria

Vice-President of Trade-Industry Chamber RB Paul Barmin called the trip to Republic of Algeria quite productive and successful. The visit was dated to the II international oil-gas exhibition in the town of Hassi-Messaud, where Bashkortostan was one of its participants.
Delegation of business circles RB has paid a visit to Algeria on March 5-13. Our delegation was headed by the first deputy Minister for industry and innovational policy RB Khalil Rakhimov.
Along with participation in the exhibition the visit’s program also included meetings with the Russian Ambassador in Algeria, with the heads of Algerian state companies and with representatives of Ministry for power engineering of Algeria.
According to Paul Barmin the main goal of the visit was demonstration of competence of Bashkir enterprises in geological survey, oil and gas mining, oil transportation and specialists’ training. Besides, Bashkir delegation tried to establish direct companies with local business for entering Algerian market.
Paul Barmin has called the meeting with the company “SNATRAK”, specializing in oil mining, the main result of the visit.
“We’ve settled with this company that we will prepare all necessary documents for joining Algerian market” – the Vice-President of Trade-Industry Chamber RB reported – “At that the matter is not just separate enterprises but a consortium of Bashkir enterprises. The company offered us to take part in the tenders for geological survey and mining of phosphates, which Algerian land is so rich with. We discussed establishment of a joint techno-park in one of local provinces. Bashkortostan is ready to offer modern technologies as its share”.
Paul Barmin says that Bashkir enterprises are very interested in work in Algerian markets.
“This work means new horizons for us but in this case we have to work in very competitive environment because all world brands are present in the local market. Our companies “Packer” and “BURSERVICE” are quite competitive but we mustn’t figure on some special preferences”.
As m-r Barmin reported, Algerian delegation will be invited to Bashkortostan already in the first half of this year to discuss all aspects of mutually beneficial cooperation.
Author:Lubov Kolokolova