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7 March 2012, 12:22

President of Trade-Industry Chamber RB Uri Pustovgarov indicated the aims of the Chamber in 2012

The President of Trade-Industry Chamber RB Uri Pustovgarov has taken part in online conference of the President of the Russian Trade-Industry Chamber Sergey Katynin, devoted to actual problems of business undertakings development in the country and the tasks on intensification of activity of the system of trade-industry chambers.
Uri Pustovgarov has introduced the general picture in development of the Republic on the main economic and social indices. Thus, the work plans in 2012 presume further lowering of financial dependency upon the procedure of certification of export deliveries. According to the President of the Trade-Industry Chamber RB about 15% of intakes into the Republican exchequer have be provided due to new services and new types of activity: attestation of workplaces, business-consulting, opening of electronic sites for subcontracting and outsourcing, certification of professional education, fire, industrial and technological safety.
The role of trade-industry chambers in connection with Russia’s joining WTO deserves separate talk.
“Our country will be found in a big group of the countries, where the principle of obligatory membership of enterprises in trade-industry chambers is present. The Trade-Industry Chamber RB intends to initiate a new federal law about trade-industry chambers in Russia” – Uri Pustovgarov said – “Such law will anticipate execution of some functions by trade-industry chambers, which today are found within the competence of executive power. Such step will contribute to reduction of budget expenses and will raise independency of chambers from administrative measures, provided by the state. Thus, widening of nomenclature of export goods, which don’t need certification, will be one of such functions”.
Translated by:Lubov Kolokolova