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5 March 2012, 16:19

Housing prices go up in Ufa again

Resale housing goes on rising in price in Ufa. On March 5 the average cost of one square meter amounts to 52,26 thousand rubles. For the last month housing prices jumped up by 1,9%. The cost of one-room flats increased most of all – 56,7 thousand rubles for one square meter (+3%). Two-room flats cost 50,86 thousand rubles for one square meter on average (+0,1%) and three-room flats – 49,6 thousand rubles for one meter (unchanged).
The rise of prices for one-room flats can be explained by high demand. Green Valley and October Avenue remain the most popular districts.
At present time more than three thousand flats are displayed for sale in the city market. The total volume of these flats makes up about 200 thousand square meters. The average area of a flat, displayed for sale is 63,33 square meters and the average price is 3,3 million rubles.
Author:Rasul Khamidullin