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15 February 2012, 20:59

Problems of small towns in Bashkiria will be solved within the frames of long-term goal-oriented program

The necessity in elaboration of special program “Development of small towns in Republic of Bashkortostan” became ripe in the Republic, as it was stated in the course of the field meeting of the Bashkir Government’s Presidium, held in the town of Yanaul on February 15.
As the Prime-Minister of the Government RB Azamat Ilimbetov mentioned in his opening address, this problem touches upon nine small towns of the Republic with population about 250 thousand people. Their prosperity depends on local mono-productions and market conjuncture. Municipal authority must develop industry and small business in such towns. The tendency of population outflow to big cities due to shortage of workplaces and low salaries in such towns is to the fore and the problems with budgets of small towns, mainly pinning their hopes on help from the republican exchequer, come from that
The Minister for economic development RB Eugene Mavrin has taken the floor with the main report. He has highlighted the typical problems, hampering development of small towns: unstable economics, too low competitive ability in order to start attracting highly qualified specialists and investments, technological backwardness of industrial enterprises, physical ware of their assets, low labor productivity etc. Besides, unfavorable demographic situation, connected with low birth rate and labor migration to big cities, is observed here too, as well as bad transport infrastructure, low quality of road coating, unsatisfactory level of territorial planning and either shortage or total absence of public transport.
In opinion of Eugene Mavrin for competent solution of these and many other problems in small towns it is necessary to make conditions for stable development of all spheres of life: economic, social and cultural and in order to start attracting investments to small towns it is necessary to determine advantages first.
The head of Yanaul administration Ilshat Vazigatov has told about key problems of this town. Mining operations are the main branch here and its share covers 83% of local industrial production.
“The main risks and restrictions in development of the town can be explained by one-sided economics and dependency of the whole life of the town upon oil mining enterprises” – he stated and suggested that “the regional tax legislation should be rebuilt in order the investors would be interested in construction of new objects in small towns”.
The chairman of the state business undertakings and tourism committee RB Ruslan Kinzikeev has told about mechanisms and opportunities for support of small business in small towns. According to him more than two billion rubles has been spent for realization of the republican program for support of business undertakings in Bashkortostan for five years. The laws, contributing to development of small and medium business, are passed and the decision concerning establishment of the institute of ombudsman for business undertakings is reached in the Republic.
At the end of the meeting its participants have approved the corresponding resolution, indicating the ways for solution of the most actual problems of small towns in Bashkiria.
Author:Lubov Kolokolova
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