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27 January 2012, 17:06

Counterfeiters prefer five – and one-thousandth banknotes

One-thousand-ruble banknotes don’t lose popularity among counterfeiters and in the overall mass of false money their share exceeds 76% - this is the data of the Central Bank of Russia on the fourth quarter of 2011.
In October-December 22638 false coins and banknotes have been revealed in the country. False one-thousandth banknotes make up 17278 pieces. Five-thousand-ruble banknotes are found on the second place – 4501. 500-rubles banknotes go further – 603 and 100-ruble ones -168. Besides, 46 false 5-ruble coins have been discovered.
The largest number of false money is found out in Central federal district – 13279. North-Western federal district is on the second place – 2932 and Volga federal district on the third – 2606.
Along with Russian rubles 761 false banknotes in foreign currency have been revealed on the territory of the country. US dollars make up the absolute majority – 702 plus 52 euro and seven false Chinese yuan.
The National Bank RB reports in 2011 1090 false banknotes have been revealed on the territory of the region: 1059 false ruble banknotes and 31 banknotes in USD.
Translated by:Alfia Sharafutdinova