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13 January 2012, 11:57

For ten days of January prices in Russia increased by 0,1%

For the first ten days of January the index of consumer prices according to information of the Russian State Statistics Committee made up 100,1%. In 2011 the rise of prices in Russia on this date was equal to 0,8%.
Thus, salt became by 1% more expensive, pork, eggs and Russian-made drinks – by 0,3-0,5%.
Prices for vegetables increased too. Fruits and vegetables became by 0,6% more expensive in the country on average: cabbage – by 1,1%, potato and carrot – by 0,8 and 0,7% correspondingly.
The cost of flour, buckwheat and millet goes on dropping on the shelves.
Besides, the statisticians don’t register any substantial rise of prices for energy carriers. Thus, benzene prices remain the same and diesel fuel became by 0,1% more expensive.
Analyzing the current situation in the consumer market the statisticians took the prices for 62 most important goods and services in 271 Russian cities into account.
Author:Galia Nabieva
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