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10 January 2012, 16:11

Ufa databank of job vacancies is still sitting on a diet

The number of job vacancies in Ufa is going down. At present time more there are more than 8800 unemployed and 8100 free workplaces in the capital of Bashkiria. More than 8100 people receive doles and slightly more than nine thousand people are registered by the Ufa Employment center as the unemployed. The coefficient of intenseness or the ratio between the number of the unemployed and the number of vacancies slightly increased, as compared with December 2011, making up 1,59% now.
At the same time there were more than 11600 free workplaces in Ufa and more than 8500 unemployed citizens just one month ago, i.e. less than one person fell on one vacancy.
Translated by:Galina Bakshieva